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30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 12

DAY 12 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Giggle

The Doctor As a Woman

The idea of The Doctor being a woman doesn’t make me giggle, but the The Doctor playing a woman does, mostly because in the two times I’ve seen him do it (I’m only in the middle of Tom Baker now as far as Classic Who), he (rather, the actors) seem to be having so much fun!

The first time was Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor dressing up as a cleaning lady in order to hide in “The Green Death.” His outfit, in which he made a convincing older lady, coupled with the voice he did, amused me muchly.

However, there was nothing quite like the Tenth Doctor being possessed by Cassandra in “New Earth!” No drag required – just a really thin man in a well-tailored suit shaking his hips for all it was worth. His voice, too, was perfect, and the performance was EPIC. Comic gold. And “New Earth” is one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes for this, and many other reasons. The same goes for “The Green Death.”

But really, I guess I just have a thing for The Doctor playing with gender!

And now, here’s a picture of Matt Smith in drag. I can only hope that drag will be incorporated into his tenure as the Eleventh Doctor!


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  1. damnit… Matt Smith is prettier than I am LOL

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