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30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 11

DAY 11 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Cry

“The End of Time” – I don’t want to go!

I cried several times during David Tennant’s final episode of Doctor Who, but it was his final moment just before regenerating that made me bawl like a little girl. When he says “I don’t want to go!”, it is one of the purest moments of approaching death that I’ve ever seen. So often on television, people face death so bravely and with such acceptance that I can’t believe it after a while. If you love being alive – and Ten loved being alive, while I believed Nine was ready to go, because he wanted to save Rose – then knowing you’re going to die is a frightening, horrible thing. Yes, The Doctor regenerates, and yes, all of his incarnations are the same person. However, it makes sense that each personality would react to regeneration differently, and I thought it was very brave on Russell T. Davies’ part to really examine what the death of an incarnation means to The Doctor; to have The Doctor be not so accepting or brave for once.

To have him be really human.

I wrote about the episode immediately after it aired here at this blog and on, and Ten’s final moment continues to be the moment that made me weep buckets. Vincent Van Gogh seeing his work at the Musee d’Orsay in “Vincent and The Doctor” came close…but “I don’t want to go!” still wins that contest.


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  1. While I think Russell T. Davies departed from what’s done with regenerations in the past, almost to the point of contradiction, I also loved this moment. The Tenth Doctor was a tragic Doctor and it was right that he had a tragic end. Who knows, maybe different incarnations look at their regenerations in different ways, and this was just the Tenth Doctor’s point of view.

    Another moment that I love happens about ten seconds later… when Ten changes to Eleven and his over-wrought, operatic death music instantly switches to fun rock music. You can actually point to the exact moment when the show changed tone right there. And after so many tragedies leading up to this final tragic death — the prophecy of his death by the Ood, Jenny’s death (as far as the Doctor knows), River’s death, failing everyone in “Midnight,” his double slaughtering the Daleks, losing Donna, losing Rose again and for good, the second death prophecy, and his hubris in “The Waters of Mars” leading to Adelaide’s death, his speech to Wilf when he realizes his death is inevitable — that moment when the Tenth Doctor’s “death” finally comes and the music changes is a moment of such RELIEF.

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