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30 Days of Doctor Who – Day 10

DAY 10 – Favorite Scene/Moment

The end of “The Doctor Dances”

The time from when The Doctor saves everyone, including Nancy’s son, to his celebratory dance with Rose on the TARDIS at the end of “The Doctor Dances,” is my favorite moment in Doctor Who, because it is such an earned happy moment.

The Ninth Doctor, who was my first, was a complicated character in that he is the first incarnation we meet after the Time War and the destruction of Time Lord civilization. For him, those events are excruciatingly recent, and it’s made this particular version of the Doctor dark. He is cautious and emotionally guarded a lot of the time. He’s become cynical, which is rare for The Doctor, who continues to save humanity because he has so much hope.

But then, in this episode, for the first time in a long time, “Everybody lives!” It was such a pure, joyful moment, precicely because the viewer feels that the Doctor deserves a victory. I loved Christopher Eccleston’s performance in this role, because he played it with such gravitas, so that whenever a smile bursts onto his face, it means something! And then, when he dances with Rose on the TARDIS, after having been reluctant about dancing earlier in the episode, we see that there’s been a fundamental shift in him. Rose, and this victory, have reminded him of the hopeful part of himself he thought was long gone. Also? The Doctor has moves! 🙂

So, yeah. The end of “The Doctor Dances” is my favorite moment in Doctor Who. I mean, come on. Look at The Doctor’s face:


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  1. Great moment, gotta disagree about the moves. That scene could have used a choreographer! Sadly, it just wasn’t in the Series 1 budget!

  2. Nine wasn’t my first Doctor but I feel, very strongly that he’s MY Doctor (although there are times when I swing a little towards Seven).

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