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2010 Year In Review

It’s time for my annual Year In Review post; an ongoing tradition since 2004! If you’d like the Cliff’s Notes on my life, feel free to revisit that year, as well as 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009!

So, here are the highlights of my 2010, broken down into categories this year, because…well…why not?


The Writing Life:

** Um, I STARTED THIS BLOG! That’s right, tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of The Teresa Jusino Experience! There will be celebrating! Don’t know how, but there will be.

** Started writing for! (and still doing it!)

** Started a column at (not still doing that…)

** Wrote my short story, “December”, which didn’t win me the NYCMidnight Short Fiction contest, but it DID get published in Crossed Genres this year! That makes this my first piece of published fiction, which you can check out in Issue #24, their Characters of Color issue.

** Submitted a proposal for a Doctor Who story as part of Big Finish’s 5th Doctor/Nyssa contest. Alas, t’was not meant to be…

** Did my first and only podcast for Sci-Fi Pulse! (Hello, Ian!) Podcasts are fun! However, I don’t know if I’ll ever be not-crazed enough to do one regularly. If you’d like to listen to the episode I was on, click here (listen to the whole show, or start at around 43:55 to just hear my section)!

** Left my PR job in June to devote myself to freelance writing. To supplement my writing, I’ve worked at a learning center in Flushing, and now babysit a wonderful little boy named Caleb and work at a NYC comics shop. It’s difficult as hell, but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

** Wrote my first spec script (for Castle) and submitted it for consideration in the NHMC Writers Program. Did not get accepted. Ah, well.

** Released my first chapbook of short stories, On The Ground Floor!

** Started writing for ChinaShop Magazine, which has been awesome so far!

** Started reviewing comics for Newsarama!

** Started a Facebook Fan Page. Because I have fans, dammit! 🙂

** Had an essay commissioned to be included in the upcoming anthology, WHEDONISTAS, which will be available in March 2011!

** The Pack is officially on indefinite hiatus. However, there is every intention of bringing this story to you somehow. In one medium or another.

** NYCC! Attended to cover it for Tor (not that I wouldn’t have gone anyway!) and had an official press pass! Not that it helped when it mattered (Um, no reserved press seats for the Walking Dead panel? Thanks a bunch.) Met Jason Aaron (seemed grateful when I wanted to talk about Scalped! Nice guy!), Marjorie Liu (awesome! Love that she geeked out over SGU!), Robert Kirkman (he’s getting an email from me soon!), and Bob Fingerman (who recognized my name from the byline of my Tor Doctor Who articles! Eek!). Got to ask James Marsters a question during his panel (the only Caprica-related question in the room), and caught up w/the crew at Roddenberry Productions, for whom I volunteered at the 40th Anniversary Star Trek Vegas convention years ago. Also, I played D&D for the first time…and liked it.

** Got to interview some pretty cool people for Tor, Pink Raygun, ChinaShop, and PopMatters this year: Tara Reich (awesome designer who not only ended up making me a dress for my Caprica photo shoot, but is also making me a Dalek dress for Robyn & Jerry’s wedding!), Paul Cornell (awesome, hour-long conversation where we seemed to talk about everything. Apparently, I managed to ask him a couple of questions he’d never been asked before, which was awesome. *pats self on back*), Steven Moffat (he’s every bit as funny, smart, and awesome as you think he’d be), Sasha Roiz (after months of Twittering and one failed attempt to interview him when he was in NYC promoting Caprica, I was finally able to get in on a conference call interview with him, wherein he recognized my name from Twitter and addressed me as if we go way back, thus making me look like a rock star in the eyes of the world. Or, at least in the eyes of other interviewers. Ended up writing the best interview I’ve ever written), and Bear McCreary (super-awesome guy whose love of music is absolutely infectious! This was a really fun interview).

The Personal Life:

** After 7 years in The Revolving Door Commune for Itinerant Artists, I had to move. First, I spent two months staying with the fabulous Robyn and Jerry. Now, I have a great apartment in Brooklyn from which I can wreak havoc. There was a good couple of months where I was having a heart attack every other day, but things are finally starting to settle. Well, as much as they can settle when you’ve chosen an unsettling path.

** Had a couple of big scares with my Dad’s health, and for a while there we thought he didn’t have long. But Christmas brought a miracle, and now he’s out of hospice care having unexpectedly bounced back! Woo hoo! Still in a home and still suffering dementia, but still. Healthier.

** Went to my first Fashion Week party! I know, right? But seriously – ChinaShop threw a do that I was invited to because I write for them. It was a lot of fun to infiltrate a scene that isn’t really mine, and once my friend Olga showed up, we had a blast! Even as we were fending off unwanted advances from a dude that couldn’t take a hint.

** This was a year of fancy parties, as I also attended Molly Crabapple’s launch party for her Dirtee Hollywood line of t-shirts at Atrium in NYC. Again, I felt like I was crashing a scene, but it was lots of fun, Molly’s so sweet, and there were lots of awesome mini cupcakes. Also created a professional relationship between Molly and my friends (and production folks extraordinaire) Alex & Liz, who filmed/edited a promo piece documenting the party and the window installation she created (you can even see me at around 2:09-2:10). I love it when I can bring talented folks together!

** This was the 4-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. It seems like a hundred years ago, and it seems like just yesterday.

** The high school girl I mentored for the past two years, Mariah, graduated from high school and began college! I was so proud! And now, we’re friends on Facebook. Of course.

** A friend of mine from France, Amaury, came to NYC for the first time. Spent a good 2 weeks showing him around, and marveling at how wonderful my city is all over again.

** Was randomly stopped by cops for fare-jumping in the subway, which I wasn’t doing. Like, at all. Like, not even remotely. So it was a bit frightening, as for a while there it didn’t seem to matter that I’d done nothing wrong, which is ten times scarier than getting called out for something you have done wrong. Because there’s nothing you can do about it. In the end, though, it was resolved.

** Witnessed a lunar eclipse that happened on the winter solstice. It was a gorgeous, sobering sight. When’s the next one? December 21, 2094. See you then!

** Dona Juanita passed away at 94. She was a long-time family friend, particularly of my dad’s, and I went to pay my respects on his behalf as well as my own. RIP, Dona Juanita.

** Spent Christmas with good friends, but a huge blizzard kept me from spending it with family. Still, I spent Christmas Day at a fun get-together at my friend, Mary’s place, where we drank lots, watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, and played drinking games and Bop-It. 🙂 Also, my friends Cathy and Angela are in town, and I’ve spent much of the Christmas season (and will be spending New Year’s Eve) with them and our friend Olga.

** No men of note. Then again, my life was so crazy this year, there was no time to meet men of note.

NEW FRIENDS THAT I’VE MET IN PERSON/OR GOTTEN TO KNOW BETTER THIS YEAR: Olga, Kristin (@geekgirls), Jill (@thenerdybird), Sylvie (@syllver), GeekGirlDiva (@geekgirldiva), Dale (@daleochase), Sarah (@dracona1031), Risa (@lachendwolf), Beth (@wndrwmn), Kristin (@kristenmchugh22), Janna (@dreamyeyed), Liz (another one! the current roommate, not the aspiring editor, nor the condiment) , Jesse, and Maureen. I’ve also gotten to know some pretty awesome people via the intarwebz, whom I haven’t met IRL yet, but hope to in the near future. I’m grateful for all of you, and I hope that we get to hang out more in 2011.

BOOKS I’VE READ THIS YEAR: Song of Solomon, Breakfast of Champions, Chicks Dig Time Lords, The Sparrow, Certain Girls, The Invisible Bridge, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, My Sister’s Keeper, Fables Vol. 3, Great House. Total books read in 2010: 11. Currently reading: Wild Nights! (Oates) and Mockingjay (Collins) Favorite book read in 2010: The Hunger Games.

Friend-Related Awesomeness That I’m Particularly Happy About:

** My BFF that I’ve known since 5th grade, Robin, got engaged to her boyfriend, Matt. Matt is wonderful, I’m going to be a Maid of Honor for the first time, and my dress looks fabulous!

** My other friend named Robyn also got engaged to a fabulous Englishman named Jerry. I’m going to be officiating their wedding, having become a minister in the Church of Online (or the Universal Life Church) in the Virgin Islands next year while wearing a Dalek dress. Holla!

** My friends Katie and Aaron had their first child, Nate! Nate was long-waited for and hard-won, which makes his arrival all the sweeter!

** My friend Vanessa, who is my longest-running friend (I’ve known her since I was about 3 or 4), got married. I was invited, but my life was so insane and tumultuous at that point that I…um…forgot. It’s probably my biggest regret of the year. But I am grateful that this year caused us to be more in touch than we ever have been. She’s also pregnant! So, 2011 will be a big year for her, too!

Geeky/Pop Culture Happenings of Importance:

** We said goodbye to David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, and I was mighty sad about it. Then Matt Smith became Eleven, and I was all “David Tennant, who?”

** Caprica became my favorite show on television, and then became canceled. The cancellation sucks, but it also brought about lots of good things, like giving me writing fodder for; making me feel like part of the sci-fi community; introducing me to the work of some brilliant actors, including Sasha Roiz, who is now one of my favorites; reviving my interest in writing for television; and inspiring me to take on a fun project I’ll be announcing in a week. Thank you, Caprica.

** I fell in love with Ke$ha, Nicki Minaj, and Florence and the Machine. Also, with Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You.” It was an awesome year in music.

** Katheryn Bigelow became the first woman to win the Best Director Oscar for The Hurt Locker. This made me squeefully happy.

** Mark Millar totally likes my photography. 🙂

** Was one of the first people in the US (along with the pirates, I guess) to see the first Doctor Who episode of the 6th series when I attended the premiere screening in NYC at which Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan were in attendance. I ended up sitting in the same row as Matt Smith’s sister and explained to her boyfriend what a chameleon circuit is! I also attended the Doctor Who event at the Apple Store in SoHo, where the three were in attendance as well. 2010 was a very Doctor Who year for me, it seems! Also, men need to leave Karen Gillan alone! Yes, she’s beautiful. That doesn’t mean you get to talk to her like a thing, rather than as a person. The Q&As I attended showed me the worst aspects of fanboys as far as she was concerned, and it made me angry.


And, I think that’s it for 2010! Thank you all so much for stopping by this blog over the past year! I hope to make 2011’s entries even more interesting and full of cool things. Do come along for the ride!  And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


TERESA’S BOOKSHELF: Great House by Nicole Krauss


2010 Year In Review Addendum: LOST

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  1. Truly an epic year for you, T! Here’s to 2011 – may it bring all that want and especially all that you need.

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