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Speak The (King’s) Speech, I Pray You…

To hell with Darcy, and nuts to that guy in Love, Actually! The love interest from Bridget Jones’ Diary and the husband in The English Patient can bite me! I have never found Colin Firth more hot than when he’s playing a British monarch with a stutter!

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing The King’s Speech, the new film starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush about King George the VI and the speech therapist who helped him with his stutter so that he could successfully rally the British people during wartime. But it’s about more than that. It’s about the arrival of Radio, and how technology changes the relationship between a government and its people. It’s also about class, and how important it is that a ruler get to know his/her citizens.

I have a soft spot for Snooty British Film™, and that’s what I was expecting when I heard about this movie. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I mean, it IS a British film, and it IS set in the 1920s-1930s, but it’s the furthest thing from snooty, and entirely not what I was expecting. I’ve never seen Colin Firth be out and out funny, but he was here, and his chemistry with Geoffrey Rush was amazing! Best. Bromance. Ever. His chemistry with Helena Bonham Carter as his wife was also wonderful, and this is the first film I’ve seen her in where I would call her performance “warm.” Every single person in this movie was just so cute, and it really was as uplifting as the movie poster claimed, so I won’t have to call anyone out for false advertising. 🙂 Great cast, great script, inspiring (and unknown to me) story…I loved it!

Also, Colin Firth can be the King of me any time he wants. Fer cereal.

I’m writing about it here, because it’s a small movie easily lost amongst bigger fish, and it deserves to be seen! So, you know, go see it in the theaters if you can. It’s worth it! You will laugh, you will “get something in your eye”, you will squee.

And on the topic of speaking publicly and with conviction, here is this amazing Taylor Mali poem I came across today that I’ve become obsessed with. It is brilliant and true.




TERESA’S BOOKSHELF: Great House by Nicole Krauss

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  1. Kristen

    Thank you. Because every review I have seen of this film, plays to the Snooty British Film crowd, it seems.
    I’m glad it’s not that, because while I love those films, it’s not what I’m in the mood for. Cheers.

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