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Happy Caprica Day!


After way too long a hiatus, Caprica is finally back on television TONIGHT! 10PM on SyFy.  Tune in, and watch it live if you’re around!  (Tonight’s episode is airing 7 times this week on the SyFy schedule, so there’s other opportunities to watch it live, too!) In this case, fast forwarding through commercials = cancelation.  Besides, you should be USING those commercial breaks as they were intended to be used!  Go to the bathroom.  Make yourself a post-dinner sandwich!  🙂

Seriously, I know I talk about this show a lot, but that’s because it’s good.  And actually, I want to send a special shout out to the non-geeks among you.  Those of you who tune in here in support of my other writing.  Caprica is a sci-fi show, but it’s one that you would like.  Yes, there’s robots (Cylons – learn the word!), and cool technology, but other than that, Caprica holds up a great mirror to the world in which we live.  Problems with religious fundamentalism?  Check.  Living as a member of two cultures and two societies? Check. Society being torn apart by rapidly-advancing technology? Check.  It’s an intelligent show; something that’s kind of rare these days.  The show has great writing, stellar performances, and it makes you think.  It’s the perfect sci-fi show for a non-sci-fi fan.  A lot of Battlestar fans complain that Caprica isn’t moving “fast enough.”  Not enough viper scenes, I guess.  That’s because this series isn’t ABOUT that.  It’s about something else entirely, and if you’re a Battlestar fan and value storytelling and world-building over explosions and guns, then you should be watching, too!

Although from what I hear, this half of the season is RIFE with explosions and guns (and swordfighting!) in addition to the other stuff.  So, you shouldn’t be disappointed on that front, either.

The point is, give it a whirl.  And if you’re GOING to give it a whirl, give it a whirl in a way that might help.  If you watch it online, click on some of the ads.  If you watch it on television, watch it when it’s on and don’t fast forward through commercials.  Yes, I know – advertising is annoying.  But honestly, you don’t have to pay attention to it. I don’t. 🙂

Need to catch up?  SyFy is running a Caprica marathon all day today! Though I won’t need it, because I’ll be buying my CAPRICA S1.0 DVD BOXED SET today! You know there’ll be a review of that…

Need more convincing? Check out my interview with Sasha Roiz  at Pink Raygun today! It’s more than just an interview, it’s an EXPERIENCE. One which is set in the world of Caprica. Seriously, he’s a cool guy, and Caprica is worth it for his character, Sam Adama, ALONE.

Still need convincing? Check out the promo videos I made and put up on YouTube…because I’m a nerd:

Joseph Adama Vs. Sam Adama

To Be a Cylon…

Lastly, if you’re watching on the East Coast tonight, I’ll be live tweeting!  Join me!  The hashtag I’ll be using is #CapricaET.

Happy Caprica Day!  Woot!


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  1. My DVDs arrived today! (though I’m trying to win the t-shirt from Pink Raygun) Very much looking forward to the deleted scenes.

    I think I’ll be staying of Twitter for it tonight though…scared of spoiling for others. Which sucks because I also love sharing the viewing experience.

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