Who knew that my favorite picture of myself EVER would come about using the camera on my phone in the barthroom at a party?

You read that right, kids.  Parties.  As in plural.  As in MORE THAN ONE.

Because I have fans.  As Felicia Day so eloquently put it in Commentary: The Musical, I have fans in the “baker’s dozens!”  🙂  So, clearly, I have to have two parties to accommodate them all.  Here’s how it’s going to go down:

TOMORROW – September 24th at 8:00PM ET/7PM CT/5PM PT

THE FIRST ON THE GROUND FLOOR RELEASE PARTY! Tune in with a glass of wine for an hour-long celebration of my very first printed thing EVER.  I’ll tell you all about the stories contained therein, tell you how you can snag a copy, do personalized signings online, chat with you all and answer any random questions you might have (they don’t even have to be about me, I’m great at Google searching), and then do a reading of a story NOT in the book!  So, if you watch and buy the chapbook, you’ll be getting THREE short stories for the price of two.  That’s a fucking BARGAIN.

SATURDAY, September 25th at 11:00AM ET/4:00PM GMT

Join me for TEA TIME WITH TERESA! (Didn’t I tell you I was a fan of alliteration?) 4PM is traditionally “tea time” in England, right?  Well, if not, IT IS NOW!  I’m doing this American-style, bitches!  Kinda like how we took all the useless “u’s” out of words like color and favorite.  But this release party for On the Ground Floor is for all the folks who follow me on Twitter, or who are my Facebook friends and live in Europe (and won’t be staying up until 1AM to watch my first party), as well as the early risers in the States.  For some reason, I have a lot of followers in the UK.  I guess it’s because I write about Doctor Who a lot, or something.  Same deal as above, except I’ll be drinking tea instead of wine.  Also, I’ll be reading a DIFFERENT SHORT STORY.  So, it’s not just going to be the same party twice.

This should be fun!  I hope you’ll spread the word and tune in tomorrow and/or Saturday.  Tune in to THE TERESA JUSINO EXPERIENCE’S USTREAM CHANNEL and join in the celebration!