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Hello all!  I’ve got a couple of new links for you from the past week.  Interestingly, I’ve had vampires on the brain lately:

One of my favorite shows on the planet, TRUE BLOOD, is back for its third season, and it started off with a bang!  You can read my review of the season premiere for Pink Raygun HERE.  A piece about Episode 2 is coming soon…but you can keep yourself entertained until then by watching this:

And now, we move from vampires on television, to vampires in the theater…

One of my favorite indie theater companies in NYC, Nosedive Productions, has started its tenth anniversary season with an original production called The Little One, about the relationship between a young vampire and her maker.  I interviewed playwright, James Comtois, for, which you can read HERE, and I interviewed director, Pete Boisvert, for Pink Raygun, which you can read HERE.  It looks like a great play – I’m seeing it this week, and there’ll be a review shortly thereafter – so definitely check it out if you can!

And lastly, some comics stuff that has nothing to do with vampires at all!  Check out what I thought of last week’s comics haul by checking out my weekly Comics Round-Up column over at Pink Raygun!


** a review of the Doctor Who two-parter most recently aired on BBC America (get off my back, UK!  I KNOW the Pandorica opened, and I.  DON’T.  CARE!)

** a review of S3, Ep2 of True Blood (can I just say how much I love Jessica?  Because I really, really do.  Also – Eric needs to stop getting hot, or I’m going to pass out.)

** Comics Round-Up for the week of 6/16

** write-ups about Molly Crabapple’s t-shirt launch for Pink Raygun and Tor

** a post about the Nerd Girls reality show auditions for Tor

** interviews with YA sci-fi writer, George Sirois; sci-fi writer, Kat Howard; comics creator, Nathan Schrieber; and comics creator, Zane Grant and his comics creator/actress sister, Brea.

** and a piece about the comic, Young Allies, and judging a book by its cover.

Stay tuned!


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  1. I love my geeky, pervy boys! 🙂

  2. I second what Alex said about Jessica with a chainsaw. You look at shows like this and it isn’t hard to understand why geeky people are into the dirtiest, hottest sex of all!

  3. Re: True Blood, there are few things on TV sexier than Jessica with a chainsaw (I seriously have a redhead problem).

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