It’s getting more and more difficult to keep a running record of what I’m up to on this blog, because it’s all happening so goshdarned fast!  And before you mention Twitter or Facebook, it’s hard for me to keep a running record there, too, because most of the time I get caught up in conversations with other people.  There’s just SO MUCH GOING ON!  But I’m here now, right?  🙂

So, an interview I did with Paul CornellAction Comics (Lex Luthor, what?!) and his first-ever television pilot for a show called Pulse, which is airing on BBC3 was posted on Pink Raygun today!  It’s to promote both his taking over writing duties for in the UK TOMORROW NIGHT AT 9PM.  So, you know, if you’ve stumbled onto this blog and live in the UK, check it out tomorrow night – or you can watch it online right now.  Either way, let BBC3 know what you think of it.  Especially if you like it!  I’m counting on you lot, as you have to get it to series first before I can see it on this side of The Pond.  Woot!

In other Pink Raygun scribblings, you might want to check out my Comics Round-Up for the Week of 5/26!  Marvel (get it?) at how I lavish praise on Angel and Batman whilst simultaneously ripping Dazzler and the Mystery Society new ones!  If you’re looking for new comics to read, this weekly column of mine would be a great place to start!

And lastly, there’s my most recent Doctor Who review!  There was no new Who on BBC America this past Saturday, because of the holiday, but you can jump in on the conversation in the comments under my review of “The Vampires of Venice” at!