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Mark Millar Wants to Have My Babies!

OK, not really.  But he DOES love a photo I took enough to use it to PROMOTE HIS NEW COMIC!  And now, like Lucy, I have some ‘splaynin’ to do…

So, I got a random Facebook message yesterday from some dude who asked if I was “the Teresa Jusino who wrote the piece about Hit-Girl.”  I am, and I told him so.  Then he asked for my number, and at first I was all, Um, I’m not into random, shady hookups on Facebook, Dude.  You can’t have my number, so tell me what this is about. OK, I didn’t say exactly that, but I DID ask him to explain himself.  When he said he was Mark Millar’s lawyer and that “this is about a photo”, I nearly shit a brick.  I THOUGHT I WAS IN TROUBLE.  I told him that if there was a problem with any of the pics I used in my Hit-Girl article, I’d gladly have them removed.

Then, he asked if I’d seen THIS.

As it turns out, he wasn’t contacting me about a photo I’d used.  He was contacting me about a photo I’d TAKEN.  Apparently, Millar was hunting around the intarwebz for a photo of people looking and pointing up into the sky, came across mine and liked it!  So, now it’s being used as one of five teaser posters for Mark Millar’s next comics project, “Superior,” and Lawyer Dude, who is NOT shady and is now my friend on Facebook, was trying to get a hold of me to ask for permission.  Um, PERMISSION GRANTED, WRITER OF KICK-ASS, AMERICAN JESUS, WAR HEROES, AND LOTS OF OTHER SHIT I LIKE!

So, here’s the poster:

The original photo can be found HERE.

You know what’s funny?  I’m not a photographer by ANY stretch.  I only just got a digital camera for the first time last year.  But I remember this being my favorite shot, because I caught a really cool moment.  The colors were great, the lighting was great, and I hit the button at just the right time.  I was proud of it.  Looks like I actually had reason to be, or something.  🙂  And apparently, I’ll be getting some kind of photo credit in the finished book, too.  ROCKSAUCE.  And Lawyer Dude forwarded Millar my Hit-Girl article, because he really liked it.  DOUBLE ROCKSAUCE.

So that was my Squeeing Fangirl Moment of the Week.  Huzzah.


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  1. @John and Lisa

    Awww, shucks! 🙂 Thanks guys!

  2. Lisa

    Awesome! You are a rockstar!

  3. Congratulations, Teresa! Hope Millar likes your Hit Girl article as much as we did.

  4. OMGSqueee teh awesomezest awesomesauce so jealous!!! 😀

    Wicked congrats, and it is a fabulous pic and great article!!

    Go you!!!

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