I’ve missed blogging.  Granted, I’ve been blogging rather steadily as editor of The Revolving Door Commune Blog this past year, but that was something I was doing as part of a team effort.  I’ve missed having my own outlet, so I thought I’d start this new decade off with a new blog!

The Teresa Jusino Experience. Because you haven’t truly experienced the world until you’ve experienced it through me.  🙂

Like the tagline above says, I’m a writer, a badass, and a geek-girl (extraordinaire).  So chances are, my posts will be focused around writing, geekiness, and general badassery.  This will also be the spot where you’ll be updated on all the projects I’ve got going on.  Until I get an actual website (if I do), this will be my official online home.

Welcome!  Happy New Year!  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…